The new 2013 JETI 3324 AquaJet RTR industrial printer from AgfaAlthough we are more than familiar with the small printing systems, judging by the level of interaction with them in everyday life, there is still a special segment of printing equipment, namely that of the  industrial printers specifically designed for large printing series.

Even if you mention the used printing machines available on the profile market, such us , or if it’s about the new ones available directly from the producers, these are most effective equipments that we so far have at our disposal, especially designed for printing areas domain.

Obviously if we carefully analyze the two situations we will find that both of them are beneficial, only that the new ones will draws more attention from the public, from the users, through the terms of creativity, than the used printing machines.

An example of creativity is the novelty that comes from the Agfa company, namely the new Agfa JETI 3324 AquaJet RTR, a superb exemplary printer, for large scale production. the model clearly delimits itself from the others in its class technical, by the absolutely sensational features and the improvements brought by the Agfa specialists, in order to create an innovative and intuitive printing equipment.

The foundations idea basically goes from the ink used for printing, namely the one created in Agfa laboratories. The ink is dye type, a water based emulsion, with very good results after processing and drying. The JETI 3324 AquaJet RTR printer can reproduce colors and images both on paper and fabric. Width of the material that will be printed can be averaged  on 3 meters.

As technical data we can mention the printing speed that is between 41 sqm/ h  and 65 sqm/ h and the maximum resolution is around 400 dpi. The printer is equipped with 24 Spectra heads and it prints in six colours. Also, it has an option for cutting on 3 widths of fabric printed and a high quality vapor extraction system. Centering of the materials is done automatically using a transport system specially designed for this type of issue.

The advantages of such a product is reflected in a quite high level of industrial productivity, especially in textiles (with the recommendation of maintaining the dimensional limitation of the  materials), very low cost in terms of ink consumption, extremely good reliability, low costs with the maintenance of the machine and reduced staff costs. Basically the device is equipped with a LCD monitor on whch one single specialized operator can make all the necessary changes, from adjustments related to the size of the image to the reversed image effects ready to be printed on the fabric.

The quality of the finished product fit into the highest quality parameters, because of their characteristics on a side, and because of the self-imposed respect of the Agfa  specialists on the  other side.

The  JETI 3324 AquaJet RTR printer is one of the best in Agfa’s product range so far, and also one of the most wanted printers all over the world. Perhaps the price may seem slightly higher, but over time, this product can quite easily recoup the money invested. However, if price is not satisfying, there is always a lifeline. Used products market is full of high quality equipment, which can also be affordable. In order to satisfy the two requirements (cost and quality), is at your disposal.

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